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Best Industries for Custom Apparel

By: Jennifer Posted on: Jun 16, 2022
The promo products market in the US had a 12% sales increase in the last year despite the challenges of Covid19. With the rebound getting strong, the promotional products market is expected to reach $4 Billion by 2024. In short, the prospects for apparel sellers look bright. But how do you tap into this opportunity? What sectors and products should you focus on? Read on to find the answers. 


Schools and universities need promotional items to improve their reach, foster school spirit, or for other uses. Every year, a fresh batch of high school graduates gets welcomed with a swag bag filled with orientation materials such as hoodies, writing materials, drinkware, and so on. Besides, there are student clubs, athletes, and cultural events that require custom shirts and apparel. 

Yes, the industry did take a hit when the sales figures plummeted following the pandemic when education switched gears to online mode. Even then, there was some demand, as institutions started handing out branded hoodies, t-shirts, and joggers to keep students engaged. But as the normal state of affairs is restored in all sectors, the demand for promo apparel is set for another spike. As the pandemic has encouraged campuses to focus more on the health and hygiene of the students, good demand for masks, hand sanitizers, and face shields is also expected. 

Today USB flash drives and other gadgets are essential for digital learning and they can work as a great gifting idea for both students and faculties. You can even turn it into a branding effort by choosing colors that match your school’s logo.

Best Products for the Educational Industry

Nonprofits and Charities

With the return of in-person events, nonprofits are finally back with large fundraisers and other gatherings. And this might be a great time to start refocusing on these groups. As consistent brand visibility facilitates a nonprofit’s mission, this sector favors long-lasting products more. Surveys show great market prospects in this sector, with close to sixty percent of nonprofits willing to pay more for better quality promo products. You should also keep a deep inventory of sustainable products as buyers from this category favor it. 

Top Products for Nonprofits and Charities: T-shirts, Water Bottles, Tote Bags, T-shirts, Bracelets, Antimicrobial Pens

Gaming and Streaming Communities 

Audiences of video game streamers and online content creators, eager to support their favorite content creators by buying branded merchandise from them, are an emerging market in the custom apparel industry. 

Buyers from these sectors are mostly Gen Z and Millennials. So make sure that you offer products like hoodies and sporty t-shirts which are favored by them. 
Decorators can cater to the gaming and YouTubing communities on different levels. Find an online content creator and offer to help them create a steady income stream from branded merchandise. The best way to get started might be by partnering up with small but growing content creators. 

Products: T-shirts, hats, hoodies, and other frequently worn apparel.

Health Industry