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Everything You Need to Know about Blank Polo Shirts

By: Jennifer Posted on: Jul 19, 2022
Today, with more options on the market than ever before, blank polo shirts have become a wardrobe staple for everything from sports to business casuals. But, this popular blank apparel is not just a variant of the regular blank t-shirt with a collar. Let us take a look at the key features of blank polo shirts, along with their fabric, style, and customization options. 

Features of a Blank Polo Shirt

The defining features of a blank polo shirt are the collar and buttoned placket which is the slit that comes down from the collar.


Most polos have a separate piece of fabric that forms the collar. Some styles come with a "self-fabric" collar which means that the color fabric is the same as the one that forms the body of the shirt. Contrast collars, on the other hand, use different shades to create a sporty look. 


The placket is the opening between the sides of the collar where the buttons are located. Nearly all blank polos have a two or three-button placket at the neck. The most common style is the two-button placket. Polos with a three-button placket is generally preferred for more formal occasions.

Now let’s see what are the popular fabrics used for making polos. 

Polo fabrics

There are many different types of blank polo fabrics, from basics like cotton and polyester to performance materials that wick sweat away and protect from UV rays. Here are some of the most popular options.

Cotton Polos

Cotton polo shirts are soft to the touch, easy to care for, and breathable. You can find shirts made of ringspun, Pima, and other types of cotton with varying levels of softness.  

Features: Moisture-wicking, breathable, and classic looking. However, they wrinkle easily and could stretch over time. 

Who should buy: Office goers looking for business casuals, Companies who want uniforms for their employees, or pretty much anyone who needs a comfortable polo shirt. 

Polyester Polos

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that provides excellent durability and absorbency. It also dries faster than other types of fabrics. 

Features: Lightweight, sweat-wicking, and Stain-resistant. Will not shrink, wrinkle, crease, or fade easily. However, they are not as soft or breathable as cotton shirts. 

Who should buy: Professions that are physically active or outdoors. Uniforms for intense jobs like restaurants, factories, etc. 

Poly/Cotton Blends Polos